I would give everything to hug Blaine right now. Someone needs to sit him down and tell him he is enough. That even if the world doesn’t think so, just by himself, he is the star and leading man of his own life and he has control.

Thiiiiiisssss. Ugh. Idk. I’m gonna go to bed and strangle my Build-a-Bear puppy!Blaine and murmur sweet nothings into his floppy ears, because it’s the best I can do.

Blaine Devon, you are worthy of things all on your own. Affirmation is healthy for anyone to receive, but babycakes, you’ve gotta learn to affirm yourself. There’s so much more to you than “Kurt’s boyfriend/fiance” — you’ve gotta find that part of you and appreciate it just as much as you appreciate who you are in the context of your relationship. I know Kurt is your soul mate, but your world doesn’t orbit around him. YOU’VE GOTTA BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN SELF-WORTH, DARLING. I BELIEVE IN IT. *cries* sweet child. you don’t even know how strong you are.

i am leaving now. *floats away on Blaine feels*




can we just

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Bless you

I love this website!

I think we share a brain…

I’m glad I’m not alone. I would give my left lung for Darren to like, do a meet and greet in character so I could meet Blaine. Not like it’ll ever happen, but I can dream!

I just hate that Blaine isn’t real because I don’t know what to do with my unyielding, deep desire to just wrap him tight in a hug and pet his hair and tell him everything’s gonna be okay and try to convince him that he doesn’t have to be “good enough” all the time, and no matter what he’s good enough for me. And I wanna take care of him forever and hold him and go to Broadway shows with him and text him and watch movies with him and talk about fanfic with him and I’M SO SAD THAT HE’S NOT REAL BECAUSE I HAVE ALL THESE UNREQUITED FEELINGS THAT I CAN NEVER GET OUT OF MY SYSTEM.



The continuous references to self-sabotage and self-harm (even if, thankfully, minor) in Blaine’s storyline are both heartbreaking and so, so painfully relatable.
I also love to see him struggling so much with self worth. While Kurt knows his value as an individual, Blaine seems to solely rely on other people’s perception when it comes to it. When he feels like he is not useful to someone anymore, he completely freaks out. Not healthy, honey pie. Not healthy. Kurt is not with you because you can give him something or because he needs you in a selfish kind of way. Kurt is with you because he loves you and expects nothing but to be loved back.
He also has the very peculiar habit of thinking he’s shit and - unconsciously or consciously - doing things to prove his point further and relish in the feeling of being right. I share this trait with him and I know SO well how it feels.
He thinks he failed his relationship with Kurt = sleeps with another guy and screws everything up. He feels Kurt doesn’t find him attractive anymore = completely stops taking care of his body. Not good enough for Nyada? Well shit that’s just perfect because I’ve always wanted to be a doctor.
I love you and your countless issues, Blainers. You are incredible to watch and I just want to see you overcome all the walls you have built in your mind.
I also wonder who made you feel like your worth was only determined by your achievements/other people’s opinion… 

Turkey Anon: Aww, baby, it's okay. You're nearly through. It's nearly over.


On a happy note, I figured out a topic for my massive Dickens essay! :D So I have a bit more of a plan than I did yesterday, so I feel a tiny bit less stressed since there’s a bit of progress made. And I’ve written out every last assignment/exam I have (not counting finals), and I’m crossing them out as I complete them, so I can see the obligations getting smaller and smaaaaller. Feels good.

No matter what, I’ll be zooming off to enjoy a long summer break in just over three weeks—whether I do awesome at everything or not. The end is in sight, regardless.

Turkey Anon: (Whoops, me again. I feel like I take up way too much of this blog.) And Kurt knows when he's done speaking. It's timed, again, perfectly, so it doesn't feel like Kurt's waiting for him to finish, but he waits out the pauses and only speaks when Blaine's finished his thought. Like he waits through the pause before his race metaphor, but then asks "What balance" immediately after he finishes. (And uses the race metaphor back at him at the end of the conversation.)

(shh, it’s okay.) Their communication is so cool to see because even though we’ve gotten so few scenes of them talking to one another about relationship things, we know they must’ve still had a lot of conversations about it. I just love seeing how they’ve learned to talk to one another about tough things. And really glad that they both seem to know how to listen to one another when they really need to (after the initial flame of conflict has calmed down).

In other news I’m turning into Blaine right now. I just ate some Ben&Jerry’s and now I’m eating Fritos and I need to stop or I’m not gonna have any junk food to get me through the rest of the semester stress. a;sldjjkk.

Turkey Anon: Yeah, I didn't know it did that until "Bash". I switched to my tablet but I was so taken aback. And I'm watching over the discussion scene now and there's so many fascinating nuances in the way Klaine communicate. Blaine asks what he told Rachel like he thinks Kurt won't go with him to Rachel's show because they had a fight over fencing. And there's a pause after Kurt's "kill each other in combat class" joke that's an opening for Blaine to explain but he drinks instead, (con't)

Turkey Anon: (cont’d) which was so excellently timed that I think it was an intentional refusal on his part, and it’s only then that Kurt presses him.
Chris and Darren are such good actoooooorrrrssss. *falls over* That’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve loved these conflict storylines for Klaine, because these scenes they have afterward, where they get to be alone, usually in silence, with a good script and plenty of room to work with, a lot of their most subtle skills come out to play, and it’s glorious. A lot of little bits of body language that Darren chooses to use are just SO FANTASTIC I could watch them all day. They’re so damn talented. And Kurt and Blaine are so damn interesting, as individuals and as a couple, and ugh. Love.


After much deliberation on this matter I am of the opinion that Kurt and Blaine need to break up. Blaine needs to make a life independent from Kurt. None of this mourning their relationship. None of this fighting to get him back. I need Blaine to date other people. I need Blaine to find his niche. I need Blaine to realize who he is, because since he was 16, he’s seen himself entirely in relation to Kurt one way or another, for better or worse. I need Blaine not to stop loving Kurt, but I need him to get over Kurt. Then I need Kurt to see this new Blaine. This confident Blaine. This independent Blaine. I need Kurt to realize that the boy who came into his world as a figurative teenage dream has become his dream man. I need Kurt to be in awe of Blaine. I need Kurt to chase Blaine and woo Blaine and become the man Blaine deserves. Because Blaine deserves a man who doesn’t just say he loves him, but who shows it. Really truly unabashedly shows it. Blaine deserves more than a friend who loves him but doesn’t realize that loving someone and being in love are not the same. And Kurt deserves to be in love. I am 100000% on team future!Klaine. But this current Klaine needs some growing up.

It all comes down to a final thought: this may not be the Klaine I want, but this is the Klaine I need right now.

and there’s always room in the tum tum for my newest obsession, cronuts.